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How to Make Iced Green Tea (Cold Brewing)

iced green tea

In the glaring hot summer season, how would you like to make iced green tea?
It’s so easy, refreshing, healthy and more economical than using teabags!

  • Place the tealeaves in a tea pitcher with strainer like the one below. We usually use 3-5 teaspoons per one liter/quart of water depending on a type of green tea. If you use Kamairicha, we recommend you to use more tealeaves (about 5 teaspoons) than those of Sencha. But this is all about your own preference. So you can change the amount of tealeaves to suit your taste.
  • Pour the water in the pitcher. Please do not use hot water because bitter taste of green tea is attributed to catechin and it hardly dissolves in cold water, while amino acid, which contributes to sweet taste, easily dissolve in cold water. So cold brewing tea generally more sweet than hot brewing tea.
  • Place the pitcher in the refrigerator and leave it about 5 hours. You can leave the tealeaves in the pitcher.
  • Gently shake or swirl the pitcher and serve. You can enjoy 2nd brew.

Recommended Tea for Cold Brewing

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Iced Green Tea (Cold Brewing)

  1. Nishiki-san, I usually have at least two (and sometimes as many as four) ½-litre Hario tea pitchers in my refrigerator at all times. All of the teas are different and they’re all delicious when prepared this way. I learned quite by accident that cold-brewing forgives a multitude of sins, including making refreshing tea from forgotten (“Where was THIS hiding??”) leaves that are much too old to brew conventionally. Regardless of the season, it’s almost always the right time for cold tea in my house. 🙂

    1. Thank you Karen-san!
      Hario tea pitcher is great, so easy to use and clean. Also it is very nice to have some small pitchers so you can enjoy the different types of tea without wasting it. In Japan, not only cold green tea but cold barley tea (most of them are in the form of teabag) is very popular especially in summer. I’m into cold Organic Zairaishu recently. Nice day~

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