About Us

Zencha is your online shop for the finest Japanese organic green tea. Fresh tea is shipped directly to your door from Japan. Japanese green tea is the perfect beverage for a mindful and forward-thinking lifestyle. Our primary focus is to encourage you to make our green tea, the natural blessings, a part of your daily intake.

Since 2003, we have offered only high-quality green teas that we tested and selected from over a hundred teas. Our green tea is sourced directly from dedicated and award-winning producers with beautiful tea gardens. All our Sencha green teas are made using the first flush tea leaves, which is one of the indispensable elements for high-quality green tea.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support sustainable organic farming practices to protect the local environment and for living healthy.
Most tea producers/farmers in Japan are small companies or family businesses. Among them are many producers who are making excellent tea without using pesticides. We support these dedicated producers/farmers by introducing their best tea and serve as a bridge between them and consumers.

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Company Name: Far East Network Joint Enterprise Cooperative
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