About Us

Zencha is your online shop for a large selection of the finest Japanese green tea and tea ware created by leading artists of both contemporary & traditional pottery. Fresh tea is shipped directly to your door from dedicated tea artisans and us. Our primary focus is to encourage you to make our green tea, the natural blessings, a part of your daily intake. We offer our green teas in a variety of delectable flavors and in different convenient packages.

In Japan, there are so many tea plantations. There is no doubt that the most famous region for cultivating green tea is Shizuoka, then Kyoto, the ancient capital, where the traditional tea manufacturing method was born. Also, we’d like to emphasize the importance of Yame and Kagoshima where produce green tea with unique rich taste. The taste of green tea is different from area to area. This variation of the flavor comes from many factors such as climate, weather and the environment. Among these factors, the environment is important for its delicate flavor. Because green tea leaves strongly absorb odor. If the air around tea growing area and production place is polluted, so the taste of tea will be deteriorated. All teas we offer are grown in selected tea plantations where saturated with fresh air, surrounded by lush green forests and have a pure water source. Using these tealeaves, a prized artisan produces the best green tea. We have visited many tea farmers and manufacturers to learn their cultivating and manufacturing methods and tasted over 100 different types of green tea by ourselves, and selected best green tea getting advice from revered tea artisan. If once you taste our tea, you’d find the difference.

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