Seigan Yamane

Biography of Seigan Yamane

1952: Born in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture

1972: Pursue a martial arts career through the style of Kyokushin Kaikan, Shoringi Kempo, and Ashihara-kaikan of a New International Karate Organization.

1974: Established a Karate school. (continues to this day to be a master of the Karate school)

1987: Decided to pursue a life in pottery. Built a kiln by his own effort spending a year.

1990: Made a presentation at 3rd. Hagi-ware Festival by recommendation of Yoshida Hagi-en Chokumon, and found ready favor. Subsequently, participated 13 times in the festival.
Established his own kiln, Kousaian.

1998: Held a private exhibition at a Konpuan gallery in Kuga.

2001: Held an exhibition at a Yamaboushi gallery in Hagi.

2003: Held a joint exhibition with Ms. Yoko Yu in Yamaguchi.
Held a private exhibition at the Shinto gallery in Kobe.

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