Tea farms in Tenryu

Tea from Tenryu

Safe and trustworthy organic Japanese tea for your loved ones.

Haruno, Tenryu in Shizuoka is known as an “organic valley” where many tea lovers from the overseas visit. The altitude of the JAS organic tea farms in the valley is from 300m to 500m. Our organic sencha grown in those tea farms has established a reputation as high-quality tea with refined taste and aroma. The tea has a fresh and elegant aroma, which is one of the characteristics of the tea grown organically in the mountains. The tea leaves we use are grown with no pesticide and no chemical fertilizer.
Our teas are certified as JAS organic by ECOCERT which is the organic certification body.

Tea producerWe have developed powdered sencha using tea leaves that have been grown without the use of agricultural chemicals and have been selling it since 1996. The reason for using pesticide-free tea leaves as a raw material is that drinking powdered sencha is to ingest the whole tea leaves. We have a corporate policy to provide safe tea.
The reason why we promptly adopted organic certified products was also that we wanted our customers to drink our tea with confidence.
As long as we ask tea farmers to grow organic tea, we have been responsible for purchasing them every year. At present, we handle not only powdered sencha but also various organic teas. However, organic tea has not been widely accepted in Japan. So there was a time that we had a lot of inventory and had a hard time. However, we have continued our beliefs and have developed the products of organic tea, including organic matcha without giving up, and have overcome the difficult situation.

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