Tea gardens in Fujieda

Tea from Sukemune

Fujieda is the area where there are many producers who do not use pesticides nor chemical fertilizers.
Having like-minded friends in the area is a strength and encouragement in tackling organic farming.
Since forty years ago, we have been promoting organic farming throughout the region by cultivating and making tea so that consumers who want safe food can drink at ease.
Various crops such as mandarin oranges, strawberries, rice and vegetables are cultivated in this area.
Fujieda has been famous tea producing area from the ancient. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of tea gardens in the mountains.

We are small family farm. Now my son took over tea gardens and I support him. He says that “the more I make and the more I learn, the more I deepen my interest in making organic tea. It’s challenging but definitely worthwhile. I feel proud with my passion for making delicious tea”.

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