Kiyosawa tea farm

Tea from Kiyosawa

In this area, tea cultivation has been taking place since the mid-Edo period, in the 18 century. We do from the cultivation of tea to production and sale by ourselves. Our tea farm, Seikou-en, is in Kiyosawa, which means limpid stream, one of the most famous tea-production area in Shizuoka, Japan. The present tea master, Sugiyama Wataru, is the eighth generation. The main house was built at the end of the Edo period. We got the 1st prize at a National Tea Competition in Japan.

We are a small family farm, which is only 1.2 ha and a slope. In some area, even a small car cannot pass through! But thanks to the small and the slant place with fog along the Warashina river, at an altitude of 250-400m, we have a lot of advantages!

About Our Green Tea

Pesticide-free – thanks to its high altitude, our farm is free from harmful insects. The tea trees are very healthy and cultivated carefully.
100% picked and produced in our farm – no tea leaves from other areas are mixed. We have full responsibility for quality.
Has a sweet aroma – this derives from a big difference in temperature between day and night.
Needle-shaped tea leaves produce beautiful gold liquor – this is achieved by the light steaming method with proficient skills.

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