Shincha from Honyama

Tea from Honyama

The Honyama is a famous growing region of refined green tea representing Shizuoka prefecture.
Tea grown in the Abe River and the Warashina river basin is called Honyama tea.
The Warashina river basin is the birthplace of Honyama tea where Buddhist high priest named Shoichi Kokushi (1202 – 1280) introduced tea cultivation to Shizuoka.

In this area, the soil is rich in minerals, the difference in temperature is large, and it has all the conditions to cultivate refined green tea.

Traditional production method of Honyama tea is light steaming (about 20 seconds). Because the steaming time is short, the tea leaves will be needle-like shape preferred by connoisseurs. Honyama tea produces transparent light yellow liquor. It has an aroma unique to the tea grown in the mountains in this region and clean, delicate yet rich Umami.

The producer is the 17th generation of this production area. He says “only organic cultivation can bring out the true taste of Honyama tea”. He makes authentic Honyama tea with the unique cultivation method established through the study of microorganisms.

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