Shopping Guide

FREE Standard Airmail shipping on all orders.

Shipping Place

We have multiple shipping places. Some items are shipped direct from manufacturers and other items are shipped from Zencha. So when you place an order with multiple shipping places, shipping cost is charged for each shipment except the Standard Airmail. You can always check the shipping cost for each shipment in your cart page as shown in the image below. In this page, you can also delete or add item(s) and recalculate the shipping cost.

cart image
If you’d like your order to be shipped by the shipping methods other than the Standard Airmail and place an order with a single shipping place in order to save the shipping cost, you can select the shipping place in FILTER BY SHIPPING PLACE drop-down menu in a SHOP page to show all items belong to a particular shipping place.


Why you ship from multiple shipping places?

Freshness is one of the most important elements when you purchase Japanese green tea. High grade green tea is very delicate and must be handled tenderly.

There are two main processes for producing Japanese green tea, “Aracha” production process and finishing process.
Tealeaves plucked are processed into Aracha on the same day, and packed by nitrogen decompression per lot, and stored in minus 10 degree C, which enable to keep the quality of tealeaves in nearly perfect condition. Then about once a 2 weeks, Aracha is finished and packaged individually. Most of these finished teas are sold in 2 weeks.

So if we ship direct from manufacturer, you can get very fresh-finished tea. We believe this is the best way to ship tea. However, some manufacturers are willing to sell their tea by lot rather than shipping each order direct from them. Zencha stock only those tea with strict temperature control and ship them from us.

Also, we’d like to offer large variety of tea in order to meet all of our customers’ need. To realize this, we have to keep inventory as small as possible without creating shortages so we can keep the quality and ensure you get the freshest tea possible.