Premium Organic Sencha Sakura


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NET Weight: 80g/2.82oz
Steaming: light
Harvest Year: 2019
Cultivar(s): Shizu-7132
Origin: Fujieda, Shizuoka, Japan

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Premium Organic Sencha Sakura

This sencha is made from Shizu-7132 cultivar which is rare and well-known for its pleasant sweet fragrance like cherry leaves or Sakura-mochi, a Japanese traditional sweets.
We grow this Shizu-7132 by our unique “Stand Alone” method which is completely organic cultivation method.
Tea leaves are slightly withered during processing to bring out this sweet fragrance. Withering is a process of fermenting using enzymes in tea leaves.
This tea is made from only first two leaves and buds, and has a pleasant natural sweetness with the cherry leaves like fragrance, subtle umami and a slight clean astringency.

Brewing Tips

Amount of Tealeaves: 5g
Water Temperature: 70C (158F)
Amount of Water: 120ml (4oz)
Steep: 1-2 minutes
Add more tealeaves to suit your taste.

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