Nakai’s Organic Sencha Superior


Product Code: UJ01
NET Weight: 100g/3.52oz
Steaming: Light
Harvest Year: 2017
Cultivar(s): Okumidori, Yabukita
Origin: Wazuka-cho, Kyoto, Japan

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This organic Uji Sencha is produced from the first flush leaves and has a wonderful umami like a “dashi” (broth) from good quality dried kelp, sweet aroma with pleasant astringent taste.

Brewing Tips

Amount of Tealeaves: 5g
Water Temperature: 70-80C (158-176F)
Amount of Water: 120ml (4oz)
Steep: 1-2 minutes
Add more tealeaves to suit your taste.

Additional information

Weight 145 g
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