Nakai’s Organic Matcha

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Product Code: UJ04
NET Weight: 30g/1.05oz
Type: Koicha (thick tea)
Harvest Year: 2023
Cultivar(s): Okumidori, Yabukita
Origin: Wazuka-cho, Kyoto, Japan

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Nakai’s Organic Matcha

This organic matcha is a ceremonial grade and stone ground matcha with vivid green color. This matcha comes from Wazuka town in Kyoto. This town is famous for the growing area of Uji-cha green tea (well-known for high grade green tea) and one of the member villages of The Association of The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan. Almost whole town is tea gardens. Actually, green tea production in Wazuka town is about half of whole Uji-cha. Also, this small village was registered as a Japan Heritage in April 2015.
This matcha has a rich and wonderful flavor with excellent natural sweet taste. Recommended not only for beginners but also tea connoisseurs.

Please refer to the Brewing Tips page to see our recommended way of brewing matcha.

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8 reviews for Nakai’s Organic Matcha

  1. Marijus Pocius (verified owner)

    Your matcha is one of the kind(special or tokubetsu)that is what i want to say.It is perfect for koicha,i think even better than Marukyu Koyamaen matchas,since yours are organic,ceremonial and koicha.Since koicha needs better leaves than usucha and organic matcha is very limited+koicha.So even more limited.I am moved or kandoshita by your tea,it is amazing.I would purchase for the lifetime even if i need to.


    Marijus Pocius

  2. Elizabete Varava (verified owner)

    Konichiwa! There is no better matcha than this. It feels pure and fullfilling, taste is smooth, endeavoured with essential matcha flavour. Agree with Marijus, I would buy it for a lifetime either.
    Thank you !

  3. famortie (verified owner)

    Really excellent, a great pleasure !
    Thank you.

  4. Sabine Blumert

    An outstanding tea,
    Thank you very much,


  5. Patrick Koerper

    An outstanding tea,
    Thank you very much,


  6. SDhiker (verified owner)

    I found this matcha to be full-bodied, but very bitter.

  7. mukekki (verified owner)

    Very smooth matcha with absolutely zero bitterness regardless of water temperature. I love it with hot water, it makes great foam with ease, superb colour, can compete with much more expensive matchas . Top notch quality !

  8. Marijus Pocius (verified owner)

    Wow my review does quite judgement there.I helped to shop to get buyers,i am happy.

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