Product Code: SH08
NET Weight: 100g / 3.52oz
Steaming: Deep
Harvest Year: 2018
Cultivar(s): Yabukita
Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

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The production method of Guricha is similar with that of Sencha. The major difference is to eliminate the final refinement & rolling process which increases astringent taste of green tea.
This tea is produced from tealeaves that harvested on and around eighty-eighth day after “Risshun”, a setting-in of spring. Traditionally, it is said that the tea harvested on 88th day from “Risshun” is the best. Less astringent taste and more sweet taste compared to regular Fukamushicha (deep steamed sencha). The most people who tried this tea become repeat customer.

Brewing Tips

Amount of Tealeaves: 5g
Water Temperature: 80-90C (176-194F)
Amount of Water: 210ml (7oz)
Steep: 1-2 minutes
Add more tealeaves to suit your taste.

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Weight 140 g
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