Aohagi Wari-kodai Cup


Product Code: YS-C18
Style: Hagi ware (Hagi-yaki)
Artist: Seigan Yamane
Origin: Japan

Important: This cup is suitable for Gyokuro and high-grade Sencha that is brewed with a very little amount of water. Thus, the cup is very small in size. Please check the size below carefully.

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This outstanding and unique blue color was perfected by Mr. Yamane and called Seigan blue, which brought him the status of up-and-coming pottery artist.
Note: Shipped with a cardboard box. No artist-signed wooden box is included.

Approximate Measurements

Diameter: 7.2cm / 2.8″
Height: 6.4cm / 2.5″

Additional information

Weight 450 g

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