Tea farm in Haruno

Tea from Haruno

The tea cultivated in the mountainous area at an altitude of 100-700m in the Tenryu River branch basin is called Tenryu-cha or Haruno-cha. This area is misty in the morning and evening, well-drained, and the temperature difference is large, so there is little damage to tea plants from frost, harmful insects (harmful for tea plants) and diseases.

We started completely chemical-free cultivation about half a century ago.
After many years of pesticide-free cultivation, the natural circulation cycle has prevented tea leaves from being extremely damaged by harmful insects.
There are natural enemies of harmful insects in the tea fields. Those natural enemies capture harmful insects. Especially noticeable are spiders and mantises. When the mist comes off after the rain, white things can be seen everywhere in the tea fields. They are spider webs. It is a very wonderful sight, coexistence with nature.

Moderate astringency and rich aroma, high quality green tea produced in the mountains in Tenryu-ku.

Green tea which is grown in a climate with a large temperature difference specific to mountainous area and in an environment surrounded by forest, clear water and fertile soil, produces a clear yellow liqour and has a rich taste.